Write or write well?

So, I have to improve my English… my friends know the fact.. Writing is important for several reasons in my life. A few minutes ago, I found an interesting article about writing (thanks to @openculture for this RT). Here are some quotes:

To become a writer, write.

It’s easier to write when you’re interested in what you’re writing about.

You get ideas when you write; you don’t just write down ideas.

Writing can be magic, if you give yourself time, because you can produce in the mind of some other person, distant from you in space or even time, an image of the ideas that exist in only your mind at this one instant.

Everyone’s unwritten work is brilliant. And the more unwritten it is, the more brilliant it is.

When you are actually writing, and working as hard as you should be if you want to succeed, you will feel inadequate, stupid, and tired. If you don’t feel like that, then you aren’t working hard enough.

Squeeze the other things in; the writing comes first.

That’s all folks!


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